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Filming Location In Staffordshire

Beyond the cozy self-catering havens and family-friendly adventures, Squirrel Lettings holds a secret: we’re Staffordshire’s filming location hidden gem for film and television productions! Our charming houses and stunning landscapes offer filmmakers a unique and versatile canvas to bring their stories to life.

Take Squirrel Barn, for example. This rustic gem took center stage in the Siren Stories independent feature film Hollowhood. Its characterful charm and warm atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop for the film’s whimsical tale, adding a touch of rural magic to every scene.

Stills from Hollowhood Filming Location at Squirrel Barn

But Squirrel Barn is just one piece of the puzzle. Our diverse portfolio of properties offers a range of locations. The possibilities are as endless as the Staffordshire countryside itself.

Located within the heart of Staffordshire lies Squirrel Lettings, a true filming location hidden gem for film and television productions. Beyond its reputation for self catering havens and family friendly adventures, Squirrel Lettings unveils a secret world of cinematic magic possibilities. With a diverse portfolio of stunning landscapes and charming houses, this unique venue offers filmmakers to breathe life into their stories.

At the heart of Squirrel Lettings’ allure is Squirrel Barn, a rustic gem that has graced the silver screen in the independent feature film, Hollowhood. Its a characterful charm and warm ambiance provided the quintessential backdrop for Hollowhood’s whimsical tale, infusing every scene with a touch of rural magic. However, Squirrel Barn is the beginning of Squirrel Lettings boasts of properties ranging from picturesque villages to dramatic landscapes, ensure that filmmakers have access to a myriad of settings to suit their vision at filming location in Staffordshire

What sets Squirrel Lettings apart is not only its picturesque locations but also its commitment to supporting filmmakers every step of their way. From offering flexible logistics to providing valuable local knowledge and support, the passionate team of Squirrel Lettings is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and successful production experience.

So, whether you are in search of a quaint village setting or a breath taking natural backdrop, look no further than Squirrel Lettings. With its character, charm, and cinematic potential, it’s more than just a filming location. It’s a partner in storytelling, ready to help turn your vision into reality on screen. Contact Squirrel Lettings today and let the magic of Staffordshire inspire your next cinematic masterpiece.

Here’s why filmmakers choose Squirrel Lettings:

  • Location, location, location: We boast idyllic settings, from picturesque villages to dramatic landscapes.
  • Characterful properties: Our unique and charming properties offer instant atmosphere and authenticity, saving you precious set-building time and expense.
  • Flexibility and logistics: We understand the demands of production and are happy to work with you to accommodate your needs.
  • Local knowledge and support: We’re a passionate team with deep roots in Staffordshire. We’ll gladly connect you with local services, talent, and insider knowledge to ensure a smooth and successful shoot.

So, if you’re looking for a film or TV location that’s full of character, charm, and cinematic potential, look no further than Squirrel Lettings. We’re more than just holiday homes; we’re partners in storytelling, ready to help you create magic on screen.

Contact us today to discuss your vision and discover how Squirrel Lettings can be the perfect setting for your next film or TV masterpiece. Remember, just like Hollowhood, your story could start right here – at the heart of Staffordshire, with Squirrel Lettings as your cinematic accomplice.

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