Meet The Squirrel Lettings Team

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David and Beth Albright – Your Hosts

David and Beth Albright at Squirrel Lettings
David and Beth Albright

Meet the squirrel lettings team dynamic duo behind Squirrel Lettings, your one-stop shop for unforgettable getaways in Stafford. David and Beth, passionate locals with Stafford woven into the very fabric of their lives, are more than just rental property owners. They’re self-catering specialists and local experts, dedicated to crafting dream vacations for their guests. Meet the Squirrel Lettings team who specialize in crafting dream vacations in Stafford.

Meet Squirrel Lettings team of squirrel lettings Whether you’re seeking a converted barn with historical charm and ample space for fun, or a modern townhouse with all the amenities, Squirrel Lettings boasts a curated selection of properties that cater to diverse needs and desires. But what truly sets them apart is the personalized touch. David, with his deep-rooted knowledge of the area, and Beth, known for her knack for making every guest feel like part of the family, go the extra mile to ensure your stay is truly extraordinary.

So, if you’re dreaming of exploring the hidden gems of Stafford, or simply relaxing in a comfortable and welcoming environment, look no further than Squirrel Lettings and the warm hospitality of David and Beth! Let them be your guides to an unforgettable Staffordshire adventure.

Meet Squirrel Lettings Team

Meet Squirrel Lettings team behind Squirrel Lettings, your gateway to unforgettable getaways in Stafford. David and Beth, passionate locals deeply rooted in the area, are more than more property owners. They’re self-catering specialists and local experts committed to curating dream vacations. Offering a diverse selection of properties, from historic barns to modern townhouses, Squirrel Lettings Team ensures every guest’s needs are met. Squirrel Lettings team what sets apart is the personal touch David’s area expertise and Beth’s warmth make guests feel like family. For an extraordinary Staffordshire adventure, let David and Beth guide you through exploring hidden gems.

Meet Squirrel Lettings team of squirrel lettings and Book Direct Now: Squirrel Lettings

JJ Barnes – Web Development and Social Media

JJ Barnes at Squirrel Lettings
JJ Barnes

Behind the charming photos of cozy cottages and the enticing descriptions of hidden Stafford trails, there’s a secret squirrel scurrying around, crafting the online magic of Squirrel Lettings: JJ Barnes, the daughter of our beloved hosts, David and Beth Albright!

JJ isn’t just any daughter; she’s a Stafford native with love for her hometown woven into her very being. Growing up surrounded by her parents’ passion for hospitality and their meticulous curation of unique holiday lets, she couldn’t help but be bitten by the Squirrel Lettings bug!

Now, as the resident social media whiz, JJ is the face of Squirrel Lettings online. She’s the one capturing those drool-worthy photos of beautiful buildings and sun-drenched gardens, weaving captivating stories of Stafford adventures, and keeping you all updated on the latest Squirrel Lettings happenings.

But JJ is more than just a shutterbug and a wordsmith. She’s a storyteller, a window into the soul of Squirrel Lettings. She shares her parents’ infectious enthusiasm for Stafford, their knack for unearthing hidden gems, and their unwavering commitment to making every guest feel like part of the family.

Through her blog posts, you’ll find not just descriptions of our properties, but personal anecdotes, insider tips, and a glimpse into the heart of what makes Squirrel Lettings special. You’ll discover JJ’s favorite picnic spots, the best pubs for a pint on a chilly evening, and the secret path that leads to the most breathtaking view of the Stafford countryside.

So, next time you scroll through our Instagram feed or read a blog post on our website, remember: it’s JJ, the daughter of Squirrel Lettings, sharing her passion for Stafford and her family’s dream with you. She’s the friendly face behind the screen, the one cheering you on as you plan your Stafford adventure and the one who can’t wait to welcome you home.

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