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The allure of a self-catering holiday is undeniable: the freedom to cook at your own pace, explore at your own whim, and truly feel at home away from home. But when it comes to booking, many default to online travel agents (OTAs). While convenient, OTAs often incur booking fees, and the personal touch can be lost in the digital shuffle.

There’s a better way! Booking directly with the host unlocks a treasure trove of benefits, not just for you, the traveler, but for the property owner as well.

Reasons To Book Direct

More Bang for Your Buck: Booking fees can add a significant chunk to your overall cost. Eliminating those fees means more money to spend on experiences or indulging in local delicacies.

Direct Communication: Have a question about the property, local recommendations, or forgotten something crucial? Communicating directly with the host allows for a personalized touch and a quicker response.

Local Gems Unveiled: Hosts are often passionate about their properties and the surrounding area. They can offer insider tips on hidden restaurants, must-see sights, and local events you might miss on a generic travel platform.

Supporting Local Businesses: By booking directly, you’re putting money directly into the pockets of the property owner, helping them maintain their cherished space and potentially reinvest in upgrades or local initiatives.

Finding the Perfect Fit: Squirrel Lettings, for example, connects you with a diverse range of self-catering properties directly managed by the hosts. From cozy cottages to charming townhouses, you’re sure to find a place that reflects your unique style and travel needs.

How To Book Direct

Research and Compare: Browse websites like Squirrel Lettings, explore social media channels, and read guest reviews to find properties that resonate with you.

Communicate Directly:¬†Don’t hesitate to reach out to contact the host with any questions you might have. A friendly conversation can go a long way in establishing trust and ensuring a smooth stay.

Check Availability: Check the online calendars to find your perfect dates, then contact the hosts to arrange the booking. They will hold that date for you while you confirm the booking.

Read the Fine Print: Understand cancellation policies, security deposits, and any additional fees before booking.

Booking directly with the host isn’t just about saving money; it’s about fostering a connection and unlocking a more authentic travel experience. So ditch the impersonal booking platforms, embrace the local charm, and embark on a self-catering adventure that goes beyond the ordinary!

Don’t forget, when you BOOK DIRECT with Squirrel Lettings, you get the best prices and the personal touch.

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