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Calling all Peaky Blinders fanatics! Are you planning a trip to Birmingham to walk in the footsteps of Tommy Shelby and his infamous gang? While the show might be set in the heart of the city, we at Squirrel Lettings believe the perfect place to stay is just a short journey away: Stafford.

Stafford: Birmingham’s Affordable Neighbour

Stafford offers a wealth of benefits for Peaky Blinders tourists. Firstly, it’s significantly more affordable than Birmingham when it comes to accommodation. You won’t have to blow your Shelby shillings on a hotel room, leaving more in your pocket for Peaky Blinders-themed adventures.

Secondly, Stafford boasts excellent transport links to Birmingham. So, you can enjoy a charming and cost-effective stay in Stafford while still having Birmingham’s Peaky Blinders hotspots easily accessible.

A Shelby Staffordshire Connection

Stafford even has a direct Peaky Blinders connection. Remember Aunt Pol’s children, sent away to be looked after? In season 2, Tommy references them being sent “up to Stafford.” So, Stafford wasn’t just a backdrop to the Peaky Blinders world, it was mentioned by name by the Shelby himself!

Adding to the Stafford-Peaky Blinders intrigue, the town is actually home to the Shelby Pub Company! Their Greyhound Pub on County Road in Stafford is also known to frequently feature Peaky Blinders ales on their menu. Enjoy a post-sightseeing pint and imagine yourself amidst the Birmingham underworld.

Peaky Blinders Birmingham Must-Sees: A Day Trip from Stafford

Now, let’s talk Birmingham!


Fast and Frequent: Trains are the champion of quick travel between Stafford and Birmingham. With services running roughly every 20 minutes, you won’t be waiting around for long. The journey itself takes a mere 30-40 minutes, making it a breeze to get between the two towns.

Easy on the Wallet: Train travel is generally affordable, especially when booked in advance. Tickets can start from as low as £6.50 – a fraction of what you might spend on petrol and parking in Birmingham.


Scenic Route: While the train wins for speed, a car journey offers a more scenic route. Take the M6 motorway for a direct journey, or explore the backroads for a more leisurely drive. The distance is only around 29 miles, so you won’t be spending hours behind the wheel.

Cost Considerations: While potentially scenic, car travel can be more expensive. Factor in petrol costs, parking fees in Birmingham, and potential traffic delays.

Here are some key Peaky Blinders locations you can visit for an epic day trip from Stafford:

Black Country Living Museum: This open-air museum is a must-visit for any Peaky Blinders fan. The museum was used extensively in filming the series, and you’ll recognize locations like Charlie’s Yard, the pub where Tommy Shelby meets with Billy Kimber, and the school where a brutal murder takes place.

The Peaky Blinder Pub: This pub is a must for fans who fancy a drink in a Peaky Blinders-themed setting. The pub is decorated with Peaky Blinders memorabilia and even has its own Peaky Blinder ale.

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery: This museum is home to the famous portrait of Arthur Shelby that Tommy Shelby commissions in the series.

Curzon Street Station: This grand station was used for filming Peaky Blinders scenes, including the dramatic arrival of the Shelby family in Birmingham.

Small Heath: This Birmingham neighborhood was once home to the real Peaky Blinders gang. While the area has changed a lot since the 1920s, you can still see the now-derelict Garrison Pub, famous haunt of the Peaky Blinders.

Digbeth: This area is now a trendy spot with street art, bars, and restaurants, but it was once a working-class neighborhood that the Peaky Blinders would have known. There’s also some Peaky Blinders-inspired street art to be found in the area.

Stafford’s excellent transport links make these Birmingham locations a breeze to get to. You can relax in your affordable Stafford accommodation, knowing the world of Peaky Blinders is just a train or bus ride away.

Dress Like a Peaky Blinder

So you’ve booked your stay in Stafford and you’re off on a Peaky Blinders pilgrimage to Birmingham! While time travel is still a dream, you can channel the Shelby clan’s sharp style with the right outfit. Here’s your guide to dressing the part for your Peaky Blinders tourism holiday:

The Foundation: Suits & Waistcoats

  • Tweed is Key: The iconic Peaky Blinders look revolves around tweed suits. Opt for a three-piece in a muted color palette like grey, charcoal, or brown. Herringbone or check patterns add a touch of character.
  • Waistcoat Wisdom: A waistcoat is a must-have. Double-breasted styles are particularly popular, adding a touch of formality. Choose a complementary fabric or a contrasting color for a bolder look.

Top it Off: Shirts & Ties

  • Crisp White Shirts: Channel Tommy Shelby’s clean and sharp style with a crisp white dress shirt. Opt for a fitted style with a wing collar for added authenticity.
  • Ties (Optional): While not always seen on the Shelby brothers themselves, a classic tie can elevate your look. Opt for muted or patterned ties in silk or wool.

Accessorize Like a Shelby

  • The Peaky Blinder Cap: No Peaky Blinders outfit is complete without the iconic flat cap. Choose a newsboy or bakerboy style in black or brown.
  • Pocket Watch: A pocket watch adds a touch of sophistication and practicality. Choose a classic silver or gold design on a fob chain.
  • Gloves: Leather gloves, especially fingerless ones, add a touch of class and conceal any 21st-century gadgets you might be carrying.

Book Your Peaky Blinders Adventure with Squirrel Lettings

So, ditch the Birmingham hotel prices and delve into the world of Peaky Blinders from the comfort (and affordability) of Stafford. Whether you want a stylish apartment or cosy cottage, at Squirrel Lettings we have what you need to book your Peaky Blinders pilgrimage today!

Let Stafford be your base for a Peaky Blinders adventure you’ll never forget. After all, in the words of Tommy Shelby, “By order of the Peaky Blinders!”

Book direct with Squirrel Lettings now for the best prices and personal touch.

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